Terms and Conditions



Please read these Terms and Conditions for accommodation in MITRA LUXURY APARTMENTS in Shumen city before you make a reservation or visit the tourist facility. Compliance with the terms and conditions will ensure you have a pleasant and trouble-free stay with us.



MITRA LUXURY APARTMENTS is owned by Mitra Translations Ltd., UIC 103913291, with registered office in Varna city, 11, Tsar Asen Str, office 4 and is a “Class B accommodation facility” according to Art. 128, para. 2, para. 4 and para. 5 of the Tourism Act, Art. 30 and Art. 32 of the Regulation on the requirements for places offering accommodation, food and entertainment and the rules for their categorization, as well as the rules for registering guest rooms and apartments, and Art. 44, para. 2 of the Local Government and Local Administration Act.

  • Check-in and check-out conditions:
    • The check-in is done after a prior reservation in one of the following ways:
    • on-site at the tourist facility;
    • by telephone;
    • at www.mitraluxuryapartments.com;
    • via Booking.com;
    • via Airbnb.com.
    • Accommodation is done without prior reservation, on-site if there are vacancies.
    • Guests check in from Monday to Friday from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM at the office of Mitra Translations, which is situated on the ground floor of the building, or self-check in after 06:00 PM and outside working hours;
    • Guests check out before 12:00 PM at the office of Mitra Translations, which is situated on the ground floor of the building, during working hours, or self-check out outside working hours;
    • For the self-check-in and/or check-out option during working hours and on weekends, please contact the tourist facility for further instructions.
    • In the event of unexpected circumstances that prevent compliance with these conditions and time range, deviations are allowed after prior agreement with an administrator of the tourist facility.
    • Upon check-in, all our guests are obliged to present an identity document (identitycard, passport, etc.), in accordance with the requirements of the Tourism Act (TA), Art. 116 (1) The persons operating in the hotel industry shall keep a register of travellers using hotel accommodation services. The registers must satisfy the content requirements approved by the Minister for Tourism under the terms and conditions of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Upon self-check-in, guests are required to fill in a check-in form, which is placed in a visible place in the apartment. In case of your refusal to enter mandatory personal data, you will not be provided with the relevant service for accommodation in MITRA LUXURY APARTMENTS.
    • The number of persons accommodated in the property (adults and children) duringtheir stay in the guest apartments shall not exceed the number of beds indicated in the reservation. If the number of visitors exceeds what is stated in the reservation, the reservation will be cancelled and guests will be charged a 50% compensation of the total amount of the reservation.
    • The owner of MITRA LUXURY APARTMENTS shall not be liable for any accidents that occur to guests or their children inside or outside the tourist facility. The good health and state of guests and their children are their personal responsibility/responsibility of their parents.
    • Guests on the territory of the tourist facility retain all their legal rights as users, which they have under the acting legislation as per the Tourism Act, the Consumer Protection Act, etc.
    • MITRA LUXURY APARTMENTS are available for the full use of guests during the rental period. The owner, a representative of the owner, other employees and/or contractors in the tourist facility shall be entitled to unimpeded access to the property and its facilities – for maintenance of the accommodation, garden, utilities and other additional services requested by the guests.


  1. Internal rules of procedure for the use of the facilities and equipment in the tourist facility
    • MITRA LUXURY APARTMENTS has 1 distinct long and short-term parking spot, which is located in front of the building of the tourist facility. Long and short-term parking is only permitted after prior agreement with an administrator. In case of need for loading and unloading of luggage or other, short-term parking is provided for, after which the vehicle should be moved to an appropriate parking spot in the area.
    • Pets are not allowed on the territory of the tourist facility.
    • The use of tobacco productsand the like in the guest apartments is absolutely forbidden in the bedrooms, the indoor common areas and other areas. It is allowed only in the yard of the tourist facility and in the open areas, and the disposal of all waste materials must be carried out in the designated places.
    • Visitors undertake to behave in a way that does not interfere with other guests or undermine the image and the dignity of the site.
    • Illegal or immoral activities such as gambling, prostitution, drug use, possession or use of pyrotechnic devices or dangerous goods, possession or use of guns and other weaponsare absolutely prohibited!
    • In case of disturbance of public order (loud noise after 10:00 PM, etc.), reported to the employees of the Regional Police Department – Shumen, the guests shall be solely responsible for the dispute resolution. If the law enforcement authorities impose sanctions, fines, acts and other penalties according to the Bulgarian legislation, they shall be fully covered by the guests responsible for the violations. We would like to inform you that according to the acting Bulgarian legislation, the Administrative Offences and Penalties Act, Art. 24, para. 1, liability to administrative sanctions shall be personal!
    • It is forbidden to move objects and belongings from their designated places.
    • When using the sanitary-hygienic units on the territory of the tourist facility, all requirements for their use must be observed; waste and non-biodegradable items must not be disposed of in the toilet seats.
    • When using heating appliances during the winter season and cooling ones during the summer season, the requirements for their use must be observed.
    • All clients are obliged to protect their own property. The tourist facility owners shall not be liable for any lost or stolen items during your stay. The tourist facility is under 24-hour video surveillance.
    • All guests shall be obliged to protect all facilities and equipment of the tourist facility, not to cause damage intentionally or due to negligence, and to use all technical equipment only for its intended purpose. Clients shall be obliged to leave the site in the state in which they found it. Guests shall be solely liable for any material damage, acts or omissions that led to the destruction of items, etc., on the territory of the tourist facility, whereas they shall pay the value of the damaged or destroyed material and technical equipment. Those that are subject to repair, the repair shall be carried out at the expense of the guests. In case of refusal of payment by the persons who have caused damage to the facilities and equipment on the territory of the tourist facility, liability shall be sought under the terms and conditions of the Obligations and Contracts Act – Art. 82: the damages shall cover the loss suffered and the loss of profit insofar as they constitute a direct consequence of the non-performance and could have been foreseen upon the arising of the obligation. However, if the debtor has been in bad faith, they shall be liable for all direct and immediate damages.


  1. Food and consumption on the territory of the tourist facility
    • The tourist facility guests shall be entitled to consume their own food and drinks that they can bring into the apartments.
    • All guest apartments have fully equipped kitchens, which are at the guests’ disposal and can be used freely in compliance with all safety requirements.


  1. Payment
    • The price of the stays and overnight stays in MITRA LUXURY APARTMENTS, in accordance with the reservation made, shall be paid against an invoice issued upon check-in at the tourist facility in one of the following ways:
      • In cash;
      • Via bank transfer at:
        • DSK Bank
        • IBAN BG66STSA93000026148259;
        • Beneficiary: Mitra Translations Ltd;
        • Indicate your name and the reservation date in the “Grounds for payment” field.
      • With credit/debit card at POS terminal;
      • With credit/debit card via Virtual POS terminal (Pay by link). The client receives an email with a one-time pay by link where they have the opportunity to enter the necessary card details and make the payment in a secure environment and within the validity of the link specified by the merchant.
    • Where reimbursement is required, it shall be made as follows:
      • In cash – when payment is made in cash or by POS card;
      • Via bank transfer to the account from which the payment was received – when the payment was made by bank transfer;
      • Via the card with which the transaction was made – when the payment was made via a virtual POS (Pay by link);
    • Reimbursement of payments made shall be made within 30 working days of receipt of the inquiry.
    • For payments of POS and virtual POS, the following cards are accepted: Maestro, VisaElectron, VISA, Mastercard;
    • All client card data is entered on the platform or on the payment page of the servicing bank. The owner of MITRA LUXURY APARTMENTS — Mitra Translations Ltd. — does not store bank card data.


  1. Miscellaneous
    • In order to cancel a confirmed reservation, guests need to either contact the tourist facilities on the phones given or send a written notification of refusal to the email address.
    • We take all possible measures to provide our guests with a pleasant and trouble-free stay. If there are any issues during the rental period, guests are required to notify the owner or an owner’s representative, who will immediately take actions to resolve the issue. In order to answer a guests’ complaint, it should be submitted in a timely manner and while the guests are on-site. In cases when there are no complaints received during the rental period and the guests’ stay at the tourist facility, we assume that the guests are satisfied with their stay and therefore they have not submitted any complaints to the owner of the site.


  1. Accept the Terms & Conditions

By confirming the reservation, ALL clients declare that they have read, understood and accepted these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the rules for the use of MITRA LUXURY APARTMENTS and that they agree therewith!


  1. Personal data protection

Dear guests, in connection with the GDPR REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, aimed at ensuring greater protection of the personal data of every citizen of the European Union, we would like to inform you that the personal data you provide to us is used solely for the purpose of processing your inquiry and possible reservation. We respect your personal data and ensure its privacy. By filling in the blank fields, you declare your consent to the collection, processing and use of the supplied information for the purposes of establishing contact. It shall not be used for any other purpose. Your personal data is processed in accordance with the current Bulgarian and European legislation, as well as the Personal Data Protection Policy.

We would like to inform you that you shall be entitled – at any time – to request information on the type of data stored about you, its origin, recipients, the purpose it is stored for, as well as the possibility of withdrawing your consent for a future period.


You can reach us on the contact details published on the website.